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   Runescape Private Server Basics==

Runescape private servers are servers that are run from someone's personal Computer, or a VPS.

They are Illegal, and breach the copyright law of Jagex ltd. for "Runescape (tm)"

-- People every year take their time and dedication into making a dedicated 24/7 server for runescape. However, many end up being shut down by Jagex and legal teams affiliated with Jagex Ltd.

-- They involve two parts, a source;


1. Contains all information about server, including spawn information, item information, and all other information.

2. Contains Javac. java and other very important files.

3. Is the "brain" of the server.

--And a Client;


1. Runs the corresponding server.

2. Comes in different versions (242 (classic) 300 315 317 400 450 508 525 645 (modern))

3. Is what you see when you play.

--All of this has to do with the Private server (figure 1)

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