Untrimmed rc cape

I Xa's first skillcape back in January


I Xa, a player who started back in January with playing SoulSplit "Reborn". He already was helping out people by making tet guides untill June. In June he started to make youtube guides and is still active on YouTube and creating new videos for the RSPS SoulSplit.

Why is he so famous?

Famous is a big word. But yes, he is well known on forums and ingame. He is well known firstly because of his ingame rank. He's a moderator ingame.

Secondly his guides on YouTube make some people recognise this guy ingame.


Overall achievements

  • 2nd player overall experience/total level
  • First player to reach (un)trimmed RuneCraft cape (January 7th 2011)

Skill achievements

  • First player to reach 99 RuneCrafting (un)trimmed
  • First player in RuneCrafting skill (November 9th 2011)
  • First player to reach 99 Farming
  • Second player to reach 99 Crafting
  • Third player to reach 99 Slayer
  • Third player to reach 99 Woodcutting
  • Fourth player to reach 99 Firemaking
  • Fourth player to reach 99 Fletching

Community achievements

  • Four times Moderator
  • One time SoulSplit Helper

Will be adding more