== Runescape Private Server Monsters == -- Monsters are essential to any skilling/ training/ hybrid servers. They allow safe training, and good drops at an easy price to pay.

--Monsters include (but not limited to)

Monster | Combat Lvl | Difficulty


Man 02 very easy

Woman 02 very easy

Rock Crab 13 very easy

Barbarian 13 easy

Hobgoblin 40 intermediate

Hellhound 122 Fairly Hard

King Black Dragon 340 Boss

Kalaphite Queen 450-300 Hard Boss

General Grandoor 500+ God Boss

Corporal Beast 700+ Boss++++


Following are Custom People


Dragon of death 1600+ Hardest... Ever...


--Any way you look at it, all of these monsters provide players on private servers options to do good.

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